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Board of Directors

President: Theresa Oschmann, Mailbox Power

Vice President: Courtney Schutt, OFC Creations Theatre Center

Treasurer: Mike Tullio, CPA

Secretary: Katharine M. Felluca, Esq., Evans Fox LLP

Administrator: Josephine Weber

Clark Hadley, Hadley Chiropractic

Miss Cynthia L.S. Ely, The Refinement Studio, LLC

Dennis Shew, Empire Realty Group

Dennis Behr, Vision Financial Group by MassMutual

Ex-officio Members:
Bill Moehle, Supervisor, Town of Brighton

Dr. Kevin McGowan, Superintendent, Brighton Central School District

Brighton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Qualifications

The Board of Directors is the policy body of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce. Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership in the community. It has always been considered an honor to serve on the Board. Genuine and unselfish interest in the Brighton Chamber and its objective is the first requirement for the Board members.

To qualify for a position on the Board of Directors of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce, there are certain requirements and qualifications that need to be met.

1. Membership: You must be a member of the Brighton Chamber of Commerce for a minimum of two years to be eligible for a Board position.

2. Experience: Having relevant experience in business, leadership, or community involvement is preferred. This could include previous Board experience, executive-level positions, or a track record of successful business ventures.

3. Commitment: Serving on a Board of Directors is a two year term and requires a significant time commitment. You will be expected to attend regular Board meetings (four missed meetings in a rolling 12 months period is considered a resignation), participate in committee work, and represent the Chamber at various events and other activities as listed in the Brighton Chamber of Commerce Board Member Expectations and Responsibilities form and demonstrate a willingness and ability to commit the necessary time of approximately 5 hours per month.

4. Knowledge of the Chamber: Familiarity with the Chamber's mission, goals, and activities is essential. This can be gained through active participation in Chamber events, committees, and programs.

5. Networking and Relationship Building: Board members often play a role in building relationships with other businesses, community leaders, and stakeholders. Strong networking skills and the ability to represent the chamber positively are valuable assets.