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About The ChambeR

The Brighton Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping member businesses and organizations succeed by providing  networking  events, educational resources, business to business and community promotional opportunities.  The Brighton Chamber of Commerce is a partnership among businesses, professionals, and other institutions in the Town and Monroe County working to promote the economic well being of our community, businesses and institutions. The chamber is led by an elected Board of Directors, that determines policy and goals, and a committee structure that implements the policies and goals set by the board. Officers are elected by the board.

The Brighton Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to preserving a competitive and responsible free enterprise system for businesses by creating:

  • A climate that encourages the expansion and growth of business.
  • An environment of understanding and mutual respect between the business community and government.
  • A better understanding and appreciation of the importance of business in our society in general and the Brighton community in particular.

Privacy Policy

All Brighton Chamber of Commerce members understand and agree that their contact information is available for use by all other members.

Diversity Statement

In principle and practice, the Brighton Chamber of Commerce believes in the value and power of diversity and inclusion.

Without diversity and inclusion we limit our talent, resources and the business opportunities necessary to thrive in an increasing competitive global marketplace. In efforts to better serve and represent our membership the Brighton Chamber is committed to actively seeking a diverse and inclusive board, workforce, membership, business environment and community.

We support these values through our polices, practices, membership services and community engagement.